Scanpst.exe Supports Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows OS which facilitates users with number of advanced features. However, some of the features are common to that of Vista and Windows 7, but many other features are added too. Windows 8 is provided with an improved address bar which help users to drag files of any link in address bar. Users of Windows 8 uses MS Outlook to manage their all important data such as notes, calender entries, contacts, etc.

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail application which is widely used across the world. Both personal and professional data can be stored in it. Outlook data are stored in PST known as Personal Storage Table which is highly prone to corruption. Thus, an inbuilt tool known as scanpst.exe is provided by MS Outlook to fix the corruption issues related to PST files. but some times scanpst.exe is not responding on windows 8 . It supports all the other versions of windows OS and its location varies according to different versions of Outlook and Windows OS accordingly. Its default location in Windows 8 is C:\Program files\Microsoft Office\Office12\scanpst.exe and if you are unable to locate it, you will have to download scanpst.exe Windows 8 from the Microsoft official site . then know how to run Scanpst.exe tool on windows 8 OS .

Common reasons of corruption in PST files :-

  • Failure of data storage device, such as if your PST files are stored on some bad sectors of hard disk, then you may only read some part of the PST file and that also incorrect or full of Some errors .
  • Failure of power : If power fails while accessing the PST files, it may result in corruption.
  • Incorrect file system recovery : It seems to be unbelievable that recovery of a file system may cause corruption in PST files. But its a fact, whenever a file system is broken and a data recovery tool is hired for recovering the PST files, the files recovered may still be corrupted because disaster in file system, leads to permanent loss of some part of the original PST files and the recovered data is still incorrect.
  • Virus attack : Viruses damage the PST files and makes them corrupted.
  • Sudden shutdown : Improper shutdown and sudden shut down of system is also a reason for corruption in PST files.

Moreover, there is some limitations with scanpst.exe Windows 8 and it can repair only certain files. It fails in case of repairing over sized PST files and severe corruption. It repairs only the header file corruption. Thus, here comes the need to download Outlook PST repair software for windows 8 as an alternative of scanpst.exe in Windows 8. Its an user friendly software with much more advanced features. It can easily repair over sized PST files. It can also repair the PST files which are password protected. It is available in both free version and licensed version. Free version provides user with the preview of recovered PST files but licensed version repairs and save the PST files to the specific location.