Fix Your Scanpst.exe Errors

Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt tool which is automatically installed with the Outlook versions. It repairs the PST files which have minor corruption. It repairs the PST files up to a size limit of 2 GB and only the header corruption. It is present all the versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS. However, there are some cases where scanpst.exe fails to repair the corrupted PST files of windows 8 . When such types of case occurs, user comes across the following Scanpst.exe error messages.

  1.    Fatal error : 80040900
  2.    Client error: 0x80040600
  3.    Data error
  4.    Scanpst.exe not found
  5.    Scanpst.exe not responding
  6.    Windows error loading
  7.    Scanpst.exe entry point not found
  8.    Outlook PST is not a personal folder data file
  9.    An unknown error has occurred

1. Fatal error:80040900

It is the most common error which occurs with the Outlook when the PST files exceeds the size limit of 2 GB. Scanpst.exe is used to repair the corruption but sometimes it fails and you get the Fatal error:80040900 error message on your screen. Virus attack, Outlook malfuntion, system failure, etc are also reasons for the occurance of this error. This error leads to slowing down the speed of the system and corruption in the PST files. Symptoms of this error are that you will notice the PST file is not responding normally. You can also observe the Oulook pop ups this error message on your computer screen.

2. Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)

Data error occurs only when the PST files get corrupted, damaged or lost. PST is the open file format of Outlook which stores the data in it. There are many reasons for corruption of PST files such as virus attack, heavy attachments, sudden shut down, etc. Once the PST files get corrupted it shows “Data error. Cyclic redundancy check” error message. This error may unable you to send, receive, read the mails or to do any other task on Outlook.

However, it should be kept into mind that there are some limitations with scanpst.exe. It can't fix all the errors so, the third party Outlook PST repair software as an alternative option is used. This software is designed to repair almost all types of corruption. No matter how severe is the corruption it easily and efficiently repairs it. Its an user friendly software which facilitates newbies to work on it without any technical skill.